This is the Official website for Charles H. Wiebe. Having served a number of enterprises throughout his life, as an officer in the Special Forces, a 32 degree Mason and Shriner, a Financial Planner with American Express, a founder of American Pacific Mortgage, the CEO of Templar Asset Management, and a Managing Partner of Vegas Vacation Estates, and most recently a Director of Empowervision, an incredible charity focused on early child development, Charles has gained invaluable insights in developing and maintaining a successful enterprise.

Consecutively with his professional career Charles has focused on community service organizations, The Board of Directors of the Honolulu Shriner’s Hospital and the Executive Advisory Board of The Salvation Army in Honolulu along with his membership in Rotary allowed him to establish wonderful relationships with others of a service mindset. His undergraduate in Philosophy and an MBA along with his experience and skill sets founded a vision and deep understanding of our society and political life.

In a holistic and logical manner his blog “Polilogs” (Political logicians) provides an innovative review of current issues and his perspectives have been sought by a number of local and national figures. Charles is a published writer and he is working on a new forum to address key issues affecting our lives in a humorous but insightful light. is projected to launch in the next year so stay tuned.

The Latest From My Blog

The Conspiracy of Stupid


Interesting how we spend our lives learning how to judge but yet when we wish to believe then our judgement becomes nullified. From the start we learn that crying gets us milk or... READ MORE

The Absurdity of Class Warfare…


The division of our population over class is a ruse for government control of more resources and has reached campaign pitch. All the talking heads who are defining for the public what is... READ MORE

Hundredth Monkey Theory


For those who understand the concept of the Hundredth Monkey Theory this may already be clear, for others please research as it is a relevant framework from which to understand our current circumstance.... READ MORE

Time to Measure the Divide


After failing miserably for years to find or elect a leader who will provide some unifying mission for our country, some common sense of future, we find ourselves truly divided as never before.... READ MORE

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