The Absurdity of Class Warfare…

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The division of our population over class is a ruse for government control of more resources and has reached campaign pitch. All the talking heads who are defining for the public what is relevant, poignant and fundamental have gone completely outside the realm of rational thinking. The democrat method that has formed to create more separation between wealth and wannabe is undermining our society. Our country and every other will and has historically matured into a class system in which there will always be a ruling class managing the resources of man and earth.

It exists everywhere on the planet without exception. North Korea a perfect example of isolated communism (wealth redistribution) and clearly is a painful example of how these methods the democrats are employing prove out in practice. It matters not under what type of government structure one lives the people will naturally establish their own set of leaders and followers, any social circumstance will demonstrate same. Those with more drive, energy, and smarts will always rise to the top. Those with less drive, energy and smarts will float to a level indicative of their input to society. The deceptive arguments employed by the democrats are not confusing nor should it be acquiesced by the Republicans/Independents that class warfare methods are effective. They are not valid theories applicable to a free society as history, without exception has demonstrated. If you decide that those who strive and produce are to be punished by taking away their rewards then you will inevitably destroy the will to achieve. Period end of story.

Democrats have taken the mantle to promote the idea that those who have achieved wealth in our country should be taxed equally. This is false to begin with because their definition of fair is anything but fair. Achievers “are” already taxed equally as they are making their fortunes. Once those fortunes have been achieved they should not be required to pay again and again and again at the same rates as all others who are still on their first time around. Once a diligent, hard driven, productive person has made it to a level of success, they have sacrificed and invested their non-refundable minutes of life and conserved wealth by denying and forgoing themselves and their families in order to reach that success.

Now that those who have sacrificed have earned the ability to spread their own wealth as they desire they are being hunted by the Democrats to relinquish what they have spent their non-refundable minutes to build. Investment income is a point at which you have paid your dues and are able to become part of the infrastructure of opportunity. By taking various levels of risk with wealth in order to achieve concordant levels of return, investment money is the fuel which allows opportunity for others in turn to succeed. How is it that Obama can promote redistribution of our hard earned wealth and the class warfare which punishes success and the American people actually vote him into office?