The Conspiracy of Stupid

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Interesting how we spend our lives learning how to judge but yet when we wish to believe then our judgement becomes nullified. From the start we learn that crying gets us milk or attention, that spilling gets us frowns, that an iron can be hot, that certain plants may taste like doo doo, that a rock thrown hard will hurt someone, etc. all matters that develop our judgement but when we grow older we are requested not too judge or to put aside these lessons of life. In our political arena we are asked not to judge a person from their past or their associations and friends or even their own words and deeds but to believe.

What about a person wanting to fundamentally change the USA or someone wanting to exercise the redistribution of wealth do we not understand? What part of history leaves us to think that words such as these mean anything but socialism and communism? What about someone who has associated their entire life with those who would make our country different and espouse ideologies of socialism and communism? Why when the spoken word is as clear as day we opt to believe something different? When someone says things that we do not want to believe then we just don’t. Why would we collectively (no pun intended) disregard the words of such an eloquent and intelligent man such as Obama? What could we find in his ultra liberal past deeds and words that would allow us to judge differently than to conclude he means socialism? Why then would we wish these failed ideologies upon ourselves, our fellow Americans and our children? What have we failed to learn from history and why must we disregard our proper judgement?