Time to Measure the Divide

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After failing miserably for years to find or elect a leader who will provide some unifying mission for our country, some common sense of future, we find ourselves truly divided as never before. As our youth have been poisoned and programmed through academics and mass media it is understandable why we find ourselves here. Long ago parents worked hard and long to see their offspring learn, grow and achieve as the American dream would offer. Today we have diminished to a culture of short sighted gratification while requiring constant entertainment. We have been conditioned to measure quality and worth by entertainment value. “If it gets them and keeps them clapping it must be of import and interest”.

Our politics have diluted into a warm bunny piss of characters and personalities, all with a blank slate to be mapped out by the media who thrive on the wars to see who will prevail. Truth has become a relative issue, no longer a standard to be measured by real life or history but merely via the goggles of perception. Truth has become as it is in the eye of the beholder. Fearing for our children, not for their health or comfort, but for their ability to sacrifice and learn the value of living. Fear for their ability to amass knowledge from the ages and discern likely outcomes, fear that they will even find value in the world that has gone before. So often it is heard of people dismissive of history and great minds from our past since as they explain, it was different then…

Our country was formed by men and women who offered the ultimate sacrifice to a belief, a belief that men were noble enough to rule themselves. The ideals of our founders were so incredibly optimistic and so full of hope. Now we think a mayor should dictate the size of a drink we can all have, or commission can tell us what medical treatments we deserve, or even better a government who can tell us what is a “fair share” of our non-refundable minutes to share with everyone else. We are a long way from the ideals of self governance and self empowerment that built our country. As a Scottish professor once said (excuse the paraphrase); “a democracy is a temporary form of government that will last only until the governed have realized that they may vote the money from the treasury to themselves”. Our country has been deteriorating into a soup of special interest groups who have long learned precisely that, the question I ask is, who are those that are pulling the strings and pushing the buttons to keep us all clapping?