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After watching another rousing speech by the man who retains the seat of our President I am left to wonder many things. It was as if my head exploded a number of times and left me sweating from trying to protect my mind from untruths. As if shouting makes substance when all the colorful sound and fury is provided by the wizards behind the teleprompters. Not as though the previous convention provided a leader who left us all wanting more but why can not a single political character show the ability to cut through the bs and speak to the concerns of the peeps. Why have they not the capacity to speak to those particular and unique issues that are the heartbeat of our nation.

Our nation’s collective character includes a myriad of special interest groups all with their very special values and objectives yet not one of the political forces seems able to connect and speak to those particulars.
Its almost as if none truly get it, none truly feel the pain or hear the words of the population. It would seem as though they play the ear music but none sinks in and none connect with the rhythm of the nation.

Most will succeed by glossing the issues without pinpointing, speaking of the fundamentals without addressing the specifics. It would be such a relief to find those (or even one) who do not get caught up in the mechanics of being a politician but wish to eat, breath, live the elements that not only distinguish us but bind us together.

The time has come for one genuine person to rise up and represent the values that we all hold dear. The values that have made us the most successful country in the history of mankind. Where, how, when can we find such a person of character and depth of understanding?