“Having served since 1980 in a multitude of positions and ranks, in many units and many environments, my service has allowed me a wide spectrum of experiences. In addition to working on a team in country with many indigenous peoples and working in field grade staff positions in Special Operations in the Pacific theater and Centcom Regions it has been an honor to serve our country. My career has been and continues to be an amazing challenge operating in unconventional environments in unconventional manners. The opportunity to command, manage, and execute effectively at many levels has allowed insights not accessible in civilian life. Working with some of the most dedicated and professional trainers and warriors in the world has been an incredible journey and an amazing exercise of assimilation into the business of life.

Having attended Infantry basic training in 1980 then on to Ranger school in 1982 and upon graduation reporting to Airborne course within 16 hours put me in a tempo to appreciate the effectiveness of our elite forces. Graduating Infantry Officer basic course lead me soon to seek and complete the Special Forces Qualification course which allowed me the privilege to serve our country’s national interests in several capacities across the globe. Starting as a Private E-1 to Sgt E-5 then on to officer school and 19 plus years as an officer it has been an amazing adventure which continues to offer unique and diverse insights.
My respect and greatest admiration for all my brothers and sisters with whom I serve. No greater people exist than those willing to sacrifice their existence for the safety and security of those they love ,respect and infinitely more that they will never even meet.”  – C.W.


Captain Retired, Top Secret SBI Clearance

  • 201 File and Awards available upon request

Special Operations Sgt

  • 19th Special Forces Group, Orem, UT

Military Experience

Special Operations Liaison

  • Fourth Special Operations Support Command, Ft. Shafter, HI

Public Welfare Officer

  • Captain O-3 Government Section, 322nd Civil Affairs, Ft. DeRussy, HI

Special Operations Executive Officer 1Lt.

  • ODA 123 12th Special Forces Group 1986-1988


  • Minnesota Military Academy 85-86

Platoon Leader

  • C Company 1/136 Infantry 84-85


  • Counter-Sniper School, Cpt James Plaster Cmdr 1984-85


  • Winter Operations Instructor School, Camp Ripley MN 1982-85

Platoon Leader

  • 47th Military Police Co. 82-84

Squad Leader

  • E-5 from PV-2 47th M.P. Co. 80-82

Military Training

Military Police Basic – 1981
Ranger School1982
Airborne School – 1982
Logistics Management – 1982
Winter Operations Instructor – 1984
Counter-Sniper Instructor Course – 1984
Infantry Officer Basic Course – 1986
Special Forces Officer Qual. Course – 1987
Jumpmaster – 1987
Civil Affairs Officer Course – 1991
Air Force Anti-Terrorist Course
Dignitary \ Diplomat Protection Course