“I wish to offer thanks to all of our wonderful clients, guests, friends and family, that have supported our enterprises throughout the years. It’s with great anticipation and appreciation that we are embarking on a new venture and a higher calling. Our new non-profit Empowervision Inc. is our platform to support a most worthy cause of providing education opportunities to disadvantaged children.

After spending decades working to build our lives and the lives around us we have decided to focus our toils on developing successful habits and well educated minds to provide for a bright future.

We look to the future and life’s fortune to facilitate building great habits early in life, and enriching education opportunities to those whom life has not always offered a simple or easy path. Our Academy of Empowerment will offer an alternative to conventional forms of spiritual fellowship while emphasizing our service to our community and help to illuminate pathways for our youth. Through science, technology and the study of our natural universe, along with deepening our understandings of society and our families we will provide a venue for those grown weary of dogma and ritual.

It is certainly with limitless potential and optimism that we look forward to joining with many of you to help shape our world, one mind and one heart at a time.” – C.W.